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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  September 9, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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lottery on "roseanne" have i been so disappointed. ardella has filed a complaint. i can can only hope they're sending out their top lottery detectives to dust for fingerprints and that this is swiftly resolved in ardella's favor so she doesn't have to start from scratch on the ridiculousist. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts now. >> mr. trump goes to washington. but if you think he's toning it done on capitol hill, you don't know trump. >> we are led by very, very stupid people. very, very stupid people. we cannot let it continue. >> this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon.
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meanwhile, the gloves are off tonight. plus, why glen beck tells me this. >> i don't trust anybody on our side. and i don't trust anybody on their side. >> and what you don't see in this shocking video of the shooting death of walter squo e will this enhanced video change the case? we will discuss that and more. but i want to begin with our breaking news tonight. breaking on the outside of the candidates. carlie fires back at donald trump as he fires back at ben carson. joining me now, amanda carpenter, former communications corrector for senator ted cruz, democratic strategist and scotty nel hughes. good evening to all of you. glad to have you here. amanda, you first. first it is trump versus fiarina. rolling stone is out with a new piece on donald trump where they
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follow had had him on the campaign trail. look, here's what he writes. here's what they write, i should say. it says when the anchor throws for her reaction to donald trump's momentum, trump's expression sours. and school board disgusts. look at that, he cries. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine the face of our next president? i mean, she's a woman. and i'm not supposed to say bad things, but, really, folks, come on. are we serious? >> and fiorina spoke out about this on fox news. >> i think those comments speak for themselves. and all the many, many thou sands of voters out there that are helping me climb in the polls, yes, they're very serious. >> what do you take that to mean? >> look at that face? would any and all vote for that? >> i have no idea. and, you know, honestly, megan, i'm not going to spend a single
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cycle wondering what donald trump means. but maybe, just maybe, i'm getting under his skin a little bit because i am climbing in the polls. >> your reaction? >> well, listen. donald trump is the understatement of the year. had the problem when it comes to women. we've seen it with megan kelly we've seen in with fiorina. he really doesn't care about what you have to say. it's really hard for me. it's someone who wants to see someone come in and shake up washington. when donald trump is good, he's very very good. but when he's bad, he's bad. and he's very bad about women so many times. i'm dreading how many more news cycles we'll have to go through. >> i absolutely disagree. let's just say that equal opportunity across the board. it's not like he's just going after women. he's going after women and men and anybody else that continues to take that first step against
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going against him. carlie has taken some shots at donald trump. he's just trying to get under her skin. it's the exact opposite. and he's the one that's obviously doing it. >> to our knowledge and to your knowledge, have you ever heard him say hey, look at that face on jeb bush, look at the face on ben carson. >> but here's the deal. the thing about carlie, i'll give her some comments. at least she was respectful on her comments back. if you're running as a female, you want to be bassed on your credential. hopefully, any time a woman starts to bring in the female aspect, i actually think it looks quite pathetic. it's worse for the war on women. they're the ones bringing it in as an excuse. >> well, i think the saddest thing about this is fiorina is put in the position to respond to a stupid comment instead of talking about hr thoughts on policy.
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she has to respond to what donald said about her looks. and that's the saddest thing about this all. >> let's go back to this first debate. carlie was the one who went after trump. that's the key. that's how this works. >> okay. let's move on now. now, it it appears the gloves may have come off between ben carson and donald trump. i'm wondering if their friendship is over. first of all, dr. carson was asked about the biggest difference between trump and himself. here it is. >> i realize where my successes come from. and i don't, in anyway, deny my faith in god. and i think that's a big difference. that's a very big part of who i am.
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humility and fear of the lord. >> i knee you're a democratic strategist. but you know about strategy. and is there a strategy to this? and if so, what is it? >> the thing about ben carson lately is he's been showing this really interesting introspective side of himself. they know he's not one of the good ole boys. that i they know he's not part of the network. and then he's identifying himself as a strong man of fait. this is something that's got to carry some real weight. he just seems like he's going up a over and over again. the question is, how long will it last until he starts to get some more policy question that is he's having trouble answering. >> and i'm sure you were glued to my last interview with donald trump last week. i asked him about that. the polls showed when the two men were first tied in iowa. i asked if he was going to start taking drvrmt carson to task the way he was attacking jeb bush or
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hillary clinton. and here's what he said. >> i'm more of a counter puncher, as they would say in the boxing world. ben and i have gotten to know each other over the years. i like him. and, i don't know, i can't tell you what's going to happen because i really don't know. you know, politics is a very strange thing and a very strange place that you end up in. but i can tell you that he's somebody that i like on a personal basis. >> that didn't take long for trump to respond. >> when you're a front runner with this many candidates, you're going to be targeted. with ben carson, he has been really the sleeping giant in that state. for a lot of reporters to spend
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a lot of time there, they will tell you, keep an eye on ben carson that, other than trump, is the only person you hear about consistently. they both have similar appeals. they're both outsiders. they both might have ideas that are conventional candidates. so it's really no surprise that at a certain point, the two would come to a head. i would say the same thing about people like ted cruz, as well. when it comes to really fighting for those votes in the end, they're still going to be differences. >> is this strategy going to work for carson? >> look, ben carson was asked. what's the difference between you and donald trump. he turned that question into something very hard-hitting. the questioning of the sincerity. i was kind of surprised at how hard he went after him in that regard. but it shows that ben carson has a little fight in him. ben carson is really very subdued in a lot of ways.
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this is the first time i've really saw him come out against another candidate. he came out swinging. >> sleepy or not, jeb bush was up late last night. well, he was on television late because they taped it earlier. >> i'm sure he watched it. >> i did watch it. they had a little fun on the first episode of steven colbert. he took a swing at answering questions like trump would. look at this. >> i will build a wall between the united states and iran and make mexico pay for it. >> thank you. trucks are strong. i will turn the national mall into a golf course. >> i didn't see that last night, but who stands more to gain here? is it jeb bush or is it ben carson? by taking shots at trump like
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this, jamal? >> oh, i think -- this thing here is that jeb bush has got a punch up. we're talking about disappearance last night. i think he's going to be the one that really tries to take it to trump over the course of the next few weeks. >> is this the jeb bush that we need to see on the campaign trail? >> after watching that segment, i actually thought we needed to put colbert in his place. you can dress him up, you can put all the toppings you want on him. but in the end, he's still a spud, a very boring spud. but from anything, even when you put him on a debut show, the only thing you're talking about is his comments about trump, the front runner. and the reason why ben carson is going after trump, actually benefits jeb. they know they can take out ben carson down the road. this is the new strategy of the establishment. they can't take trump out so
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they're going to let some of the conservatives try it as well. >> i know you have more to say. you'll have plenty of time. stay with me. donald trump versus pretty much everybody in washington. why he says you may get bored with winning if he is president. plus, glen beck's warning for america and the new details on the shocking walter scott shooting. will it change the case? ♪
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. a rally on capitol hill. blasting the iran nuclear deal, calling it incompetently negotiated. and then this. >> we are led by very, very stupid people. very, very stupid people. we cannot let it continue. >> so, back with me now, amanda carpenter, jamal simmons and scotty hughes. amanda, you first. you heard the man. the country is led by very stupid people. the question is how divided republicans is the republican party right now on whether this kind of rhetoric is good or bad? >> well, look. i think there's a widespread agreement across the country that washington is broken. the people in charge aren't doing a good job. they're confronting things like a national -- incredibly rising national debt. a world debt is more hostile to
7:16 pm
america, in terms of terrorism. and, so, when donald trump says things like this, it appeals to them. that said, the rhetoric is brash. no one disagreed with that. i don't think it's befitting someone who actually will be president. people are so uncomfortable for the direction of this nation. >> you know what, don. there's an underlying sentiment in the republican party that barack obama is not a smart man. and the one thing that i think you can argue is that the president is probably a pretty smart man. you may not agree with what his choices are, you may not like his policies. that doesn't make him a stupid person. there's something to that attack that is more than just, you know, oh, he's not getting it right. >> yeah, because when you mentioned that, before you jumped in, i was going to say, if you look at the national debt rising, the deaf sit is lower than it's been before he took office. unemployment is down. >> that we haven't -- >> he's not a stupid man. i know that's rhetoric for the
7:17 pm
campaign to, as jamal said, to sort of cast him as a stupid man. he's incompetent as president, but he's actually done a pretty good job lately. >> but hold on a second. the target wasn't just barack obama. a lot of them were talking about mitch mcconnell and john boehner, as well. they are mad at the republican conference because they aren't doing anything to stop this. don't think that anger is only directed at president obama over this. it's all around. >> so, chris, you were there. you spoke to some of the supporters at this rally. what do supporter haves to say? >> amanda is exactly right. they're mad. they're mad as hell. i went to a tea party rally over the past couple years. this seemed to be even more insii insii insi
7:18 pm
insind yar. we brought a video camera. take a look. >> i have a couple daughters in new york city and i sure wouldn't want to see them nuked. >> we saw what happened in nazi, germany. and barack obama is very similar to hitler. >> donald has the personality to take no [bleep] from people who should have been put down and slammed decades ago. >> he's speaking to the people. and he's really saying what we feel. >> they're scared. you remember the tea party back in the old days was mostly around the domestic policy, economics. something that a lot of people would argue as much higher stakes. and i think that increases the level of angerer sillty. >> let's ask the tea party who is here. a lot of that is not really based in reality. it's not what's happening in the
7:19 pm
country. is it just fear? >> it is a lot of fear, to be honest. and you're right. it first started about fiscal policy. now he has security and fiscal policy, which is a lot of the issues that iran is dealing with. when you're sitting there and dealing with a leadered that says israel will be e lliminate within 25 years evangelicals have kind of merged a little bit. divided democrat party. what you're seeing, three candidates with three different views running for president. i think many are across the nation. that's why donald trump is winning. he's not jst appealing to republicans. he's appealing to them all. >> let's look forward to the debate and talk about foreign policy. i spoke with hugh hewitt. he's going to be lobbying some tough questions on the next gop
7:20 pm
debate about foreign policy. so, and to donald trump and ben carson, these are outsider candidates. what did you think will happen on that front, jamal, in the debate? >> oh, i mean, it's pretty clear. they'll go at each other. that i'm go at the establishment. i think the point that was just made a few minutes ago, that there's something about the entire blirnment in washington. that's true. and, you know, there are people in the democratic side that are angry about this. you saw them with some of the bernie sanders rallies. the difference is who are ablg which y actually making all of the money. the top 1% of the country is making as much money as the bottom 50% of the counsel thrill. that is where we ought to be thinking about how do we get more people lifted up instead of going after government leaders who really aren't the ones who are kleptomaniacs here. >> chris, i want to ask you this. quick answer on this.
7:21 pm
who do you think the republicans are more upset at? are they more upset at their own establishment? or what's happening in the white house right snou? >> sometimes, it's hard to tell. if you read a lot of the blogs on the right, people, it's worse when it's someone in your own clan that you see as betrayed. >> if you look at the polls, most of them are not doing well. >> no, they're not doing well right now. this is all before anyone has spent more than a dime on cam pap ads that will run on television. those things do swing the needle around, right? so we -- we're going to see things changing a lot. this is obvious with trump. you heard that today at the rally. if you ever mentioned those names at that rally today, immediate boos. possibly even louder if they mentioned president obama. >> i wonder if they mention those names at the debate what's going to happen.
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glen beck is a fierce opponent of the nuclear deal with iran. he's the author of "it is about islam." and he joins me now. hello, mr. beck. how did you feel about the rally today? >> i don't know, don. i went. bill o reilly asked me lags night, why are you even going? this whole deal is done. i said i'm going, in the most selfish of ways, for me. i want to be on the record st d standing against the tide of insanity and the tide of death that we seem to be embracing from our police officers getting shot to the pitri dishes of bodies in planned parenthood and now this deal in iran. we've just seriously lost our way. no politician is going to fix
7:27 pm
that. >> well, listen. we have to listen to some of the politicians. i know donald trump says he's not one. well, he actually told me, he's admitted that he's won now. listen to what they said. >> never, ever, ever, in my life, have i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. and i mean never. >> so, despite the rally, all the opposition and what you said, you know, you're tired of dealing with death, it seems like the president has the votes for the deal to survive. so what do you think will happen? >> i don't know. you know, somebody asked me from when i walked off the stage, what happens when hillary clinton gets in? i just looked at her and do it in a much kinder way than you, don. she just stunned me with that after what i said in my speech.
7:28 pm
and i said i have no idea. this is so far beyond politics now. i really, truly believe this is a time that americans, left and right, you know, conservative, republican, liberal and democrat, need to just put all of this stuff aside. you're an atheist, you believe in god, whatever. black, white. we've got to start coming together and have a serious conversation of prince pls. what we're talking now about is parties and politicians. can we talk about the prings pls behind this? this is going to be voted on probably on september 11th. if i would have sat that five years ago, they would have made fun of me as much as i did when i said there would be a kal fate established in the middle east. this is nuts. >> we keep talking about that. people coming together and just talking. what do you think is so bad about in? why is this so dangerous? >> because you can't -- look. don, you can't -- if i'm saying
7:29 pm
i'm going to kill you -- if i'm your neighbor, and i'm going to say to you every time i'm meeting with you,i'm going to kill you. i'm going to kill you and all of your family. i'm going to kill you and torture all of your family. meanwhile, your wife is out talking to my wife. and they're saying hey, we've got to get together and we've got to be friends. and while they're doing that, i'm still looking over the ferns fence to you and i'm saying i'm going to kill you, do you take dfrgs th the conversation that my wife is having with your wife seriously. >> >> well, what's the solution? >> what you do if you're in the situation with a neighbor is, you'll watch them and you'll say hey, dude. my wife, your wives want to get together that's totally fine. but i want you to know, i'm watching you. the whole time, i'm watching you. >> you're sounding a lot like hillary clinton when you say i
7:30 pm
don't trust you. she said this deal is not really about trust, it's about mistrust. listen. >> several republican candidates boast they'll tear up this agreement in 2017. more than a year after it's been implemented. that's not leadership. that's reckless vns. >> what's your reaction to this statement? >> i'm going to set you off now. i don't think i go to hillary clinton who says i didn't e-mail any secret documents i don't know what you're talking about. i don't think we go to her. i don't necessarily trust her. i don't trust, quite honestly, anybody in washington. quite honestly, i sat there and
7:31 pm
i listened to the speeches that were given today. i kept hearing trust. trust this person and trust that person. we're giving them $150 billion. what do you think they're going to do with that? i really understand.
7:32 pm
black lives matter. but so do white lives. when we've taken life and made it political, do you think we're really going to get to a solution on iran? no. >> you mentioned sarah palin. >> the president won't say it since he still hasn't called off the dogs. we'll say it. police officers and first responders all across this great land, we've got your back. we salute you. >> so people are saying she called black lives matter, protesters, dogs. is that your interpretation. >> good god, don. really? that's what we're down to? i don't know if she did or not. but if that's what we're down to, we have to have a bigger conversation. if she called black lives matter dogs, then she was wrong for doing that. i don't know. i couldn't hear or understand what she was even saying. >> thank you, sir.
7:33 pm
>> here is another case of justice black and white. five plain clothed officers tackled hinl outside of his hotel today. blade is the officers involved, said they were investigating the fraudulent sale of cell phones. once his identity was confirmed, he was released. coming up, enhanced video of attorney scott and why she should be out on bail. for over 30 years, in study after study, advil is unsurpassed in pain relief. nothing is proven stronger on aches and pains than advil. not tylenol. not aleve. nothing. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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tried to run away and was shot in the back. the shooting caught on camera by a witness. his attorneys now want him released on bail. joining me now is sean kent.
7:38 pm
good evening, sir. sean, your client is served with murder. why should he be allowed out? >> well, don, described in the state of south carolina as with most states, have a bond solution. a way that you can get a bond. one of the ways courts concern themselves with is if it's a capitol offense, what so ever, people are entitled to a bond. he's been accused of a bond. he fits under the statute that he has the right for a bond. >> and the bond hearing is tomorrow, correct? >> the bond hearing is tomorrow at 2:00, yes, sir. >> so you eve filed court documents saying that walter scott had alcohol and traces of cocaine in his system. given that he was shot in the back five times -- >> yes, sir. >> and he was running away. why does it matter to show that? . >> well, don, nobody is saying
7:39 pm
that what he had in his system matters. however, it might offer some sol is to some victims and to other folks. we've been asked over and over again, why did walter scott run that evening. why did he do the things that he do? it might offer some benefit to those individuals that mr. scott did have alcohol and cocaine in his system that night. it might explain why mr. scott ran and did the things that he did that night. question' we're not saying that that's justification or an excuse at all. >> and these are official toxicology reports. it's from the f.b.i. it's not reports that you ordered. >> no, no. these aren't reports that we ordered ourselves. this is from the state law enforcement division and did with toxicology as they would with any case. >> so if all of this information is true, why are we just hearing about this now?
7:40 pm
>> well, let me correct you right there, don. i don't want to say that this is new information. this is information that has always been outstanding. you'll have to ask others more important to me why this is just being released now. but this information has been out stavnding since day one. our position is very simple. this information has been out there very clearly. >> but it has not been released -- >> state law enforcement division -- it had not been released to the public. and i don't know why it hasn't been released to the public. but this isn't new information. it's information that's always existed. it's information that's always been outstanding. and the narrative since day one has always been michael slager shot an unarmed black man in the back and went so far as to lie about it. that's not the narrative that's actually true. the nafgs has always existed shows that michael slager has told the truth since day one.
7:41 pm
>> let's talk about the rest of the information. your documents show key information in the tazer and the officer's uniform. what can you tell me about that? >> well, don, i'm not going to characterize what the state's evidence is. but the easiest way to describe it is michael slager told a very simple story. that he stopped the vehicle. once stopping the vehicle, the individual ran from the vehicle. and after running from the vehicle, this individual took his taser, tried to shoot him with the taser several times. an altercation occurred between the two individuals and that's what happened. our belief is the evidence that has been provided by the state laud enforcement division, that they've had since day one, has always shown michael's story to be accurate. the entire time. >> so as you're talking there -- >> and that's something that anyone can look at. it's not something i've made up. it's not something that we've created.
7:42 pm
it's evidence that's always existed. >> this video, we've obtained this from the f.b.i. analysis video which shows enhanced images moments before the shooting. it appears to show the two men tussling on the ground. do you feel that this enhanced video bolsters your case? >> i don't want to use the word bolster. unfortunately, all we've been able to see, and i don't want to say the second part of the video, but we've only seen the second clip of the video. nobody's seen the beginning. rather than just a clip to try to, basically, to try to scare people. is the easiest way to describe it. scare people as to what happened. rather than telling the full account. >> is there other information out there? did you enhance the dash board
7:43 pm
video or dash board audio to put together a time line and a narrative? because what we see, what we still see here is an unarmed man being shot in the back. >> don, the easiest way to describe it is we're doing everything in our power to provide a proper defense from michael slager. that's what we'll do. we're going to provide a defense for imhewitt. what we're trying to say at this point in time is we're trying to even the playing field. the playing field we've had so far is one side of a narrative. and the narrative had been very clear from the state law enforcement division. michael slager shot an unarmed man and then lied about it. what we have now is he didn't lie about anything. in telling his story, for some reason, the state law enforcement division didn't want anyone to hear that side of the story. and that's a problem. >> i'm trying to, you know -- i should read between the lines
7:44 pm
here, but north charleston officials, they were widely praised for acting quickly in this case. so, by saying that this information was not released, are you worried that your client has been treated unfairly? and that a narrative has been created? or that information has been suppressed in order to halt any unrest? >> charleston is a great city. i will specifically say no. everything was got put forth the way it should have been. we haven't been told the total story. and i don't know the answer to that, don. >> please come back. we would like to have you on after the bond hearing tomorrow. thank you.
7:45 pm
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it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. well, the former officer charged with murder and the death of walter scott be released on bail?
7:49 pm
i want to get the scott family's perfective now. joining me now is anthony scott, walter scott's brother. anthony, i'm going to give you the chance to respond to what you've just heard. first, it's been over four ponts since walter was killed. how is the family doing? >> well, we're coming along, don. its's been long and trying. and it's still day-by-day. and sometimes, it's some days are worst than other days. >> so you heard the interview before. the attorney wanted bail to be granted. what do you think about that and what the attorneys think. >> well, don, an america is our constitutional right to be offered bail and to be out on bond.
7:50 pm
and we're innocent until proven guilty flt and, in this case, i think that officer slager is guilty of murder. but being that it's our constitutional right to be out on bail, it's just the way the law in our judicial system is set up. it's the decision in what's made whether he gets out on bond or whether he doesn't. and that there's more to the story than the video. do you care to respond to that? >> well, i don't know what more could be to the story. and, if he had drugs in his system, i don't see what difference that made in him
7:51 pm
running away unarmed and being gunned down the way that he was gunned down. >> they say in the documents, walter's dna was on the tasers, that he grabbed the taser and that he tried to harm officer slager. and in the enhanced video, it shows a tussle. do you think that's possible? >> that entire file that they have is filled with things that they're now twisting to fit their version of the story. let me read you something else in that file that they have. the suspect then stood up and pointed the taser at officer slager. officer slager then drew his weapon as he was returning to a skanding position. this was three days later. this is the reality of what happened.
7:52 pm
>> this doesn't match up. he at no time fire from a standing position getting to a standing position. he let walter scot run 20 feet away and opened fire. >> they are maintaining that all along, officer slager has given consistent statements since this all happened. >> absolutely. untrue. this large scuffle that they're now trying to say happened and they're trying to focus the first part of the video, which has always been out there on this big confrontation, this is the result of that big confrontation of rolling around on the ground. a scratch that i can get bumping into something getting out of bed. what they're trying to do is shift this from the clearer murder that all of america and
7:53 pm
the world saw into some type of defense. they have to argue something. >> anthony, will you be in court tomorrow? will your family be there for that hearing? >> i will be in court. and, yes, my family will be in court tomorrow for the hearing. >> what happens next, anthony? we wait, see whether he gets out on bond and whether he goes to trial. and then hopefully, we get that guilty verdict of murder. >> we only get one side. but i appreciate you coming on. you responded directly to the officetorians and i think that says a lot about you and, again,
7:54 pm
best of luck to you guys. >> we appreciate you brings us on, don. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. >> we'll be right back.
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go get help, boy. go get help.
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7:59 pm
>> how far do you think you could walk before you had to stop? >> the number one problem i see is a sedentary lifestyle. so i said how about if my family goes to the park, would you be interested in joining us? we'll see you tomorrow at the walk? >> oh, yes. >> the response was phenomenal. >> i wanted to talk about how easy taking care of ourselves can be. >> there's no better way that you can shoed a patient that you care about them than by going the extra mile with them. there's no wait in the office. there's no fear of values. it's just the pashts and the physician talking about whatever the patient wants to talk about. >> the beginning is to walk a mile or two. by the end of the year, i've completed a marathon. >> i'm thinking of signing up
8:00 pm
for a second marathon. >> it all starts with small steps. >> how many pile moos d you have in already? >> 80% of cardiac disease is preventble if we just go for a walk. people just take that first step, they will never look back. >> for more, go to c >> see you back here tomorrow night. ac 360 starts right now. . >> listen to how dr. carson answered this question moments ago about what sets him apart from the gop front runner. >> the biggest thing is that i realize where my success has come from.


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